Verwood Council registers objection to sand quarry

Verwood Town Council has registered a strong objection to the development of a sand quarry at Horton Heath near Three Legged Cross.

The site in question is close to the border of the Verwood Parish and is considered by the Town Council to potentially have a number of significant issues, which will impact on the wellbeing of the Verwood community.

Objections are being made regarding the potential removal of up to 3.5 million tonnes of mineral which will create up 80 HGV movements on a typical day during the extended 12-17 year lifetime of the extraction period. The council considers that such an intensification of HGV movement will increase still further the traffic volume beyond the existing and anticipated increase resulting from the expansion of the Woolsbridge Industrial Estate.

“With Verwood and Three Legged Cross only a short distance away, it is the only high area within easy walking distance for residents of our parish that offers such wonderful views. It offers exercise in the natural environment and resulting health benefits to our population of over 14,000.

However, in a statement from Dorset County Council on 14th February, the Mineral Planning Authorities says whilst the sand at this site would contribute to the supply of a type of aggregate that is in relatively short supply in Dorset, preliminary assessment has identified a number of constraints potentially affecting its development.

It went on to say it would be preferential not to allocate the site in the Plan but to see it come forward as an application in the future when it would be accompanied by the more detailed Environmental Impact Assessment that would be required for an application such as this.

Read more about the Mineral Sites Plan here.

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