Grass cutting commences on overgrown Verwood verges

Overgrown verges around Verwood are finally being cut following issues surrounding a new cutting regime.

Councillor Toni Coombs from Verwood Town Council has provided an update on Facebook, saying she is as frustrated as everyone else over the issues with the grass cutting.

“The council has been trialling a new cutting regime this year. New equipment has been purchased to cut and remove the grass.

“This method reduces the nutrients to the grass and over time it grows more slowly (less cutting required) and also allows natural wildflowers to flourish.

“There have been problems and Cllrs Simon Gibson, Spencer Flower and I have requested a meeting to look at how this will work going forward. The principle is good, however, as we all have seen – it hasn’t worked in practice!”

The Councillor goes on to say under the old cutting regime it was possible to predict exactly when the grass was going to be cut.

Some residents have taken to cutting their own local overgrown grass, but work has started in the last few days in Albion Way.

More details on the grass cutting in Dorset can be found here and there’s a form available to fill in to report a particular problem here.

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