Traffic chaos hits Verwood as multiple roadworks appear

At least four sets of roadworks are causing lengthy delays for commuters this week as Verwood is hit by temporary traffic lights in key locations.

Reports of trips to Ringwood and Ferndown from Verwood taking over an hour have filling local message boards, as Verwood residents attempt to get to workplaces and schools.

The B3081 (Ringwood Road/Verwood Road) currently has three sets of roadworks. They are:

  • Outside the new Lidl store – temporary traffic lights whilst resurfacing work is being done to create an entrance to the car park
  • Near Ebblake Industrial Estate – temporary traffic lights for work by Openreach
  • Near A31 junction – South West Water carrying out work near the slip roads

In addition, the B3072 – the only other southerly route out of Verwood – also has traffic lights this week at the junction of Verwood Road and Ringwood Road. These are expected to clear on October 15th.

On Wednesday morning congestion was causing over an hour of delays for drivers travelling between Verwood and Three Legged Cross.

However, greater disruption is still to come as the B3081 is set to be closed for five days from 7.30am October 25th to 5pm October 29th 2021 for tree felling work.

Following this, the A31 widening work will see the total closure of the Verwood slip roads during 2022, starting with the eastbound entry slip road closing to traffic from ‘late-October’ to ‘early-December’.

For more details on roadworks taking place today and every day in Verwood, visit our dedicated page at

UPDATE 14/10/21: Roadworks near the A31 and in Three Legged Cross have finished early and the roads are now clear.

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