Conversion plans approved for new brewery tap room in Wimborne

A Wimborne tea room is to be converted into a new home for the Eight Arch Brewing Company.

The conversion of the vacant unit, at the Stone Lane Industrial Estate, has been approved by Dorset Council.

The site has previously been used for the sale of second-hand furniture and collectables, combined with a tea room.

The planning application to the Council said the brewery business is asking for the same opening hours as it has at its nearby base where it also operates a Tap Room bar.

Amended plans were received during the consultation process to show four customer parking spaces for the site.

Eight Arch Brewing is the trading name of Wimborne Beer Company which has been in the nearby premises in Stone Lane for more than eight years, describing itself as “a good neighbour” to those around it.

“Our desire to move to No.1 is driven by the fact that our existing lease expires in early 2024, and the new premises will enable us to have improved storage and a more efficient layout. We do not plan to introduce any new equipment into No.1 but to transfer what we have at the moment,” said a statement to Dorset Council.

“The west end will be used for our bar and internal Tap Room which will be equivalent to that which we have operated for the last eight years. This is the furthest part of the building from Walford Gardens. The mezzanine level will be used as offices, storage and as part of the Tap Room.”

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