Nine bungalows refused whilst plan for 38 houses is approved in Verwood

Dorset Council has refused a plan for nine bungalows for the second time, whilst approving a separate proposal for 38 homes – both on the same road.

The application which has been refused is for an ‘infill’ site at Eastwood Farm on Edmondsham Road, with the larger, approved application, part of the 230-home Potters Wood development by Pennyfarthing Homes, the earlier phases already under construction.

Planning officers decided that the nine-home scheme, from the Land Promotion Group for bungalow homes would be detrimental to the Green Belt and the open character of the landscape in the immediate area and that insufficient information had been submitted about the road access.

Several residents had made similar points in their letters of objection to Dorset Council, some also claiming that the extra homes might add to known drainage problems.

The approved larger scheme, to the south of Edmondsham Road, includes half the properties being “affordable” and will also involve access from phase 2 of the Potters Wood development. It includes proposals for open spaces and a landscaping scheme, as well as parking across the site for 60 cars.

Twelve of the nineteen open market homes will be 3-bed, the rest 2-bed with the ten affordable homes for rent being smaller – six 1-bed and four 2-bed and with nine affordable homes for sale, made up of seven 2-bed and three 3-bed.

Three local people had written to object to the additional homes claiming that what is already under construction will change the character of the area with the housing density far in excess of the area average. Some also objected to the loss of mature trees and the impact on wildlife, including bats which forage in the area.

Photo shows where the nine bungalows have been refused.

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