More objects received over new nine bungalows off Edmondsham Road

Objections have been raised once again over plans for nine homes off Edmondsham Road in Verwood, right next to a 230-strong new housing development.

The town council says that Green Belt policy should be applied to the Eastwood Farm proposal claiming the application would result in “merging conurbations to an unacceptable extent.”

Several neighbours share the view – one claiming that the green belt had already been depleted because of the Pennyfarthing Homes Potters Wood development of more than 230 homes, with several arguing that the area already has enough homes.

Dorset Highways has asked for extra time to consider its response to the plans.

The Ramblers Association has welcomed the offer of direct pedestrian access to the public footpath to the east of the site and has requested, if the development goes ahead, that the new path should be designated as a right of way.

The in principal application for the 0.5 hectare site, north of Edmondsham Road, comes from the Land Promotion Group based in Devon.

Its application to Dorset Council says the northern boundary of the site is allocated as housing land; with greenfield to the western boundary and, to the east and south, existing housing, making the site, they claim, suitable for additional homes.

The company is proposing single storey detached bungalow homes which they say will fit in with other properties in the area, with access to the site from Edmondsham Road at the southern boundary.

The plot is made up of the former rear gardens of homes immediately to the south, which are now in separate ownership.

It’s the second time the application has been submitted, having been refused once already in 2022.

Dorset Council has yet to make a decision on the development proposals although the deadline for public comment has now passed.

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