Trinity First children plant trees in school grounds with help from the community

Some of the children at Trinity CE VA First School in Verwood enjoyed a morning of planting trees to celebrate the creation of new school house names after native trees.

Eight children from across the school helped to dig planting holes on their school field and then positioned and planted the young trees representing the chosen house names; Oak, Beech, Maple and Ash.

The saplings were kindly donated by Brackendale Nurseries in Three Legged Cross, and Chichester Nursery in Beaulieu.

Helen Milne from Wild Places Garden Design, and Ollie Greensmith from the Verwood and District Horticultural Society helped Headteacher James Newbery choose the right positions in the school grounds, and assisted the children with their planting.

Tree stakes and ties were donated by Stewart’s Garden Centre, to help support the young trees, and the VDHS supplied stakes and wire fencing to protect the saplings from deer.

“By planting trees, which represent our Houses of Ash, Beech, Maple and Oak, the children will have something communal and tangible that they can look at, nurture and see change, as they change and grow within our wonderful school,” commented Mr Newbery.

“Our hope is that in years to come, the children will see the trees as part of their legacy, within the local community. They will always remember the moments they planted, watered and sought shade under the trees. Huge thank you to Ollie from the Verwood Horticultural Society and Helen from Wild Places for donating their expertise and time. Hopefully they have helped inspire future green-fingered Verwoodians.

“We are incredibly grateful to both Beaulieu and Brackendale Nurseries, who have donated some wonderful saplings to help us live out our vision and values at Trinity First School.

“What started as a small idea, to re-introduce School Houses, named after local tree varieties has grown into something far more.”

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