Albion Pub in Verwood to change landlords and face another closure

The Albion in Verwood is set to change hands once again after the pub management company gave notice to the current tennents.

Husband and wife team Jay and Rowena Jones, who have been operating the pub for the last four months, posted on social media to say they regret having to announce the upcoming changes.

The post said: “The pub management company has given notice on the pub and therefore we are having to leave.

“We unfortunately do not know the date this will all be happening but it could either be a week or a month so therefore any bookings, offers or special events that were planned are now cancelled, day to day will will try to keep it the same but there may be slight changes to the opening times due to having to move our home once again.

“We wish things could be different but we have no choice in what is happening. We have really enjoyed the time we have been here and we are thankful for everyone who came in a supported us over the months.”

They added that there are potential new tenants in the pipeline and transition to the new owners will hopefully be a smooth one.

The Albion stopped trading in February 2023 citing rising costs and remained closed over the summer of last year.

Rowena and Jay Jones have also recently taken on The White Heather Pub in Ferndown and will now concentrate on running that.

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