Verwood Sports and Social Club to cease trading amidst rising costs

The Verwood Sports and Social Club will be closing its doors for good next month saying it has been making a loss for two years.

In a message to customers, owners say the last day of trading will by Friday 9th June.

It follows the closure of The Albion Inn just a few months ago, also due to rising energy costs.

The club added: “I’m far from happy about the situation but the club has spent the last 2 years operating on a negative income and I can’t keep going on like that.”

“I’ve tried a lot to keep it going but there comes a time when enough is enough, to put it in into some relevance if you earnt £100 a day but cost you £110 to get to work would you turn up every day???

“Sky and BT sport has gone up to £21k a year and done us massive and as for the electric bill it’s a joke. It’s such a shame that all the independent venues like the club will all be gone in time.

“I thank each and everyone of you for your support over the years and feel bad for letting down all my amazing staff but it’s time to go. Obviously we will have one last send off so keep your eyes peeled for the date!”

The move leaves Verwood with only three evening venues – The Monmouth Inn and Swans – along with Renoufs Cheese and Wine Bar. The Hub has also been offering drinks and food in the evenings too recently.

The “Brew” area of Morrisons has also closed recently.

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