Verwoodians get double roadworks again on southern exit routes

Verwood residents are once again experiencing double delays when trying to leave the town heading south towards Ringwood and Ferndown.

VerwoodToday reported yesterday that the Verwood Road (B3072) roadworks at Three Legged Cross are being extended for another month, and now temporary traffic lights have appeared on Ringwood Road (B3081) at Ebblake causing delays of around 20 minutes for some morning commuters today.

The new roadworks are for “Taking up gabion baskets at upstream left and replace cages” according to Causeway One Network, and have been approved by Dorset Council.

They are planned to be in place for 10 days, till May 24th.

Roadworks have also appeared today on West Moors Road near Gullivers Farm Shop & Kitchen / Sturts Farm, adding to the travel time for residents.

Verwood Cllr Toni Coombs told VerwoodToday: “I had not been made aware of the Ringwood Road works by Dorset Council.

“Had the gas works on Verwood Rd been completed on time this would not be an issue. I am very sensitive to the need to keep our key commuting routes flowing and have already taken action to see if the Ringwood Rd work timings can be altered to ease the rush hour pressure.”

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