Over 500 objections made against church, community hall and care home in West Moors

Plans for a church, community hall and care home off Blackfield Lane at West Moors has met with widespread local opposition.

More than 500 have written about the proposals for a two hectare farmland site close to protected Dorset heathland and the Castleman Trailway.

Dorset Council’s area planning committee, which will consider the proposals on Wednesday 13th March, will be told that the two-storey care home has been scaled back since first proposed and is now for 60, rather than 80 bedrooms.

Plans for the site show around 60 parking spaces, shared between the care home and the church.

Previous, similar, applications for the site have been refused with concerns over the effect on wildlife, the heath and traffic problems, with an application for housing only in 1981 also refused.

Dorset councillors will be told that a previous highway objection has now been reversed although several residents have asked for an explanation as to why there has been a change.

Many of those who have objected to the proposals are expected to attend the planning meeting in Wimborne, although only three will be allowed to speak, each for a maximum of three minutes.

Among their objections is the size and density of the scheme, increased traffic on unsuitable roads, claims that the site is inappropriate for the proposed uses, that neither the care home or church are required in the area and that more suitable sites are available.

Many also mention the threat to wildlife on the nearby protected sites.

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