Dorset’s political leaders welcome news of the General Election

Dorset’s political leaders are all saying “bring it on” with the announcement of a July 4th election.

Having just taken control of Dorset Council from the Conservatives, Lib Dem council leader Nick Ireland (pictured) was upbeat about his party’s chances in a few weeks’ time, as are Dorset Conservatives, most of which used the description “Local Conservatives” at the May 2nd election.

Said Cllr Ireland: “The Liberal Democrats are on the up in Dorset after beating the Conservatives at the May local’ elections. For years our area has been taken for granted by an out-of-touch Conservative Government that has failed to get the basics right and lurched from crisis to crisis – now it’s time for a change.

“Local health services have been brought to their knees, people’s mortgages and rent have skyrocketed and water companies have been allowed to pump their filthy sewage into our rivers and beaches. All this by a Conservative government more interested in fighting between themselves than standing up for the country.

“Every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote for a fair deal. It’s a vote for a party that will stand up for our community and our health services.”

Spokesperson for Dorset Conservative Cllr Laura Beddow said she believed the Prime Minister’s decision for an early march to the polls was a good one. “In calling a General Election the Prime Minister is absolutely right to highlight the good work of this Government.

“Here in Dorset we have welcomed the Government’s support in protecting household incomes throughout the pandemic via the Furlough scheme, activities and food support funding for children and young people during the holidays, investment in SEND places and £19million Levelling Up investment.

“It has never been more important for Dorset to continue to have strong voices in Westminster. Inflation is falling and defence investment has increased thanks to Conservative decisions. We look forward to supporting our Dorset MPs in their re-election campaigns.”

Independent group leader Cllr Les Fry also welcomed the election announcement.“After all the speculation, at last we know the date. The election is very unlikely to make much impact on the work that I do in Dorset. The Independent Councillors will continue to work for a better Dorset no matter what the outcome of the election brings”

Both the Green Party and Labour councillors were contacted for comment, both groups acknowledged receipt of the request, but at this time have not responded. If they do their comments will be reported later.

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