New A31 Highways sign for Verwood spotted with spelling mistake

A new sign on the A31 westbound signaling the turnoff for Verwood and Matchams contains a spelling mistake for the neighbouring town of Wimborne Minster.

Instead of showing Wimborne straight ahead on the A31, the sign says Wimbourne, with an extra u added.

The westbound side of the road is due to reopen in the next two weeks as the year-long work nears completion.

The sign previously positioned here only had information on the upcoming exit, but has been upgraded as part of the A31 widening work and bridge replacement scheme.

A National Highways spokesperson told VerwoodToday: “Whilst the new Advanced Directional Sign was being installed adjacent to the A31, the error was identified as part of the final inspection.

“We have contacted the company that have manufactured the sign to organise replacement sections and this will be installed as soon as possible. National Highways is reviewing the approval process to understand how this has happened, and we apologise to the residents of Wimborne.”

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