Lidl wants help from local residents for application

Lidl is asking Verwood residents to write to the Council showing support for its proposed store in the town.

In the email sent to those who previously showed their support for the store at an open day, Lidl management says the planning application for the development on Ringwood Road is likely to be refused by Dorset Council.

So far, over three thousand people have backed the move via a support petition, but last week Verwood Town Council decided to object to the proposal saying the site is the wrong place for a supermarket.

The town council previously gave the thumbs down to the proposal saying it strongly objects to the removal of the 200-year-old oak tree in the site, visual impact detrimental to street scene, and concerns regarding heavy traffic.

Lidl has since revised its plans to keep the tree.

Councilors said they don’t have an objection to Lidl coming to Verwood, but it should be at the right place.

Morrisons – Verwood’s only supermarket – also objected on a number of grounds including zero provision for EV charging despite not having any of its own working Electric Vehicle charging facilities.

If you are in favour of the opening of a Lidl store opposite the Texaco Garage, you can email

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  1. Doreen Bowers says

    Not enough competition, we need another suoermarket

  2. Carly says

    We need another supermarket it Verwood for sure!!

  3. Peter Poore says

    Perhaps the backhanders the council receive from Morrisons may have something to do with the decision not to pass Lidls planning application

  4. Dorothy Shire says

    It would be nice to have another supermarket, I am alway up for a bargain. I do not drive so to have the chose would be nice. So come on verwood let’s have some variety to our shopping.

  5. Mike West says

    The objection is based on traffic disruption, have they seen the huge trucks that block the main highway when Tesco take a delivery?

  6. Jules says

    Since when has Verwood Council ever worried about traffic! Black Hill is awful, with cars parked on one side, lorries waiting to go into Bradfords and cars coming and going from the Coop, not to mention the speeding on all roads!

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